About Pennacook Lodge

Pennacook Lodge is the Order of the Arrow lodge chartered to the Spirit of Adventure Council, Boy Scouts of America. Established January 1, 2016, it was formed as a result of the merger between its two predecessor lodges:
Moswetuset Lodge (Boston Minuteman Council) and Nanepashemet Lodge (Yankee Clipper Council).

The youth that led the development of the lodge founded it on the dogma that “good is never good enough”. They committed to being brave enough to try new things and to think outside the box. They believed it was their chance to do something incredible. The overarching goal was to create a lodge that best fulfilled the mission and purpose of the Order of the Arrow in the newly formed council.

As Pennacook’s footprint now covers seventy-six communities within Greater Boston Area of Northeastern Massachusetts, it has a rich history of cheerful service throughout a number of legacy lodges.

Merger History

Moswetuset Lodge #52

Moswetuset Lodge 52 was chartered in 1993 in the Boston Minuteman Council 227 located in Boston, Massachusetts. Moswetuset Lodge was formed from the merger of King Philip Lodge 195 and Taskiagi Lodge 261. In 2000, Moswetuset Lodge 52 absorbed Kahagon Lodge 131. The Moswetuset Lodge totem was a lobster.

  • Kahagon Lodge 131 was chartered in August 31, 1938 in the Cambridge Council 229 located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Kahagon Lodge totem was a Pine tree and lightning bolt.
  • King Philip Lodge 195 was chartered on March 4, 1941 in the Greater Boston Council located in Utica, Massachusetts. In 1965, King Philip Lodge absorbed Moswetuset Lodge 370. The King Philip Lodge totem was a Tomahawk with three hanging feathers.
    • Moswetuset Lodge 370 was chartered in 1959 in the Quincy Council located in Quincy, Massachusetts. In 1959, Moswetuset Lodge rechartered after previously disbanding, changing name from Massasoit Lodge. The Moswetuset Lodge totem was a Whippoorwill.
      • Massasoit Lodge 370 was chartered on November 19, 1947 to the Quincy Council located in Quincy, Massachusetts. The Massasoit Lodge totem was a peace pipe.
  • Taskiagi Lodge 261 was chartered in 1958 in the Minuteman Council located in Stoneham, Massachusetts. In 1958, Taskiagi Lodge formed from the merger of Missituck Lodge 261, Souhegan Lodge 447, and Menetomi Lodge 496. The Taskiagi Lodge totem was a musket and tomahawk.
    • Missituck Lodge 261 was chartered on May 13, 1944 to the Fellsland Council located in Winchester, Massachusetts. The Missituck Lodge totem was a lobster.
    • Souhegan Lodge 447 was chartered on January 18, 1951 to theQuannapowitt Council located in Malden, Massachusetts. The Souhegan Lodge totem was a thunderbird.
    • Menetomi Lodge 496 was chartered on July 20, 1953 to the Sachem Council located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Menetomi Lodge totem was a Native American in canoe.

Nanepashemet Lodge #158

Nanepashemet Lodge 158 was chartered in 1993 in the Yankee Clipper Council 236 located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. In 1995, Nanepashemet Lodge formed from the merger of Shingebis Lodge 490, Amiskwi Lodge 505, and Passaquo Lodge 539. In 2000, Nanepashemet Lodge absorbed Wannalancit Lodge 451. The Nanepashemet Lodge totem was a codfish.

  • Shingebis Lodge 490 was chartered on May 19, 1953 in the North Essex Council located in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The Shingebis Lodge totem was the loon.
  • Amiskwi Lodge 505 was first chartered on April 30, 1954 in the North Bay Council located in Danvers, Massachusetts. It later absorbed Winnepurkit Lodge 158 in 1965. The Amiskwi Lodge 505 totem was a beaver.

    • Winnepurkit Lodge 158 was chartered on June 23, 1939 in the Bay Shore Council, located in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Winnepurkit Lodge totem was a thunderbird. The lodge was never quite active, but eventually was absorbed into Amiskwi Lodge 505 in 1965.
  • Passaquo Lodge 539 was chartered in April 1959 to the Lone Tree Council located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The Passaquo Lodge totem was a cock pheasant.
  • Wannalancit Lodge 451 was chartered in 1951 in the Greater Lowell Council located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The Wannalancit Lodge totem was a turtle.

Pennacook Lodge Chiefs

2023-2024Joseph AsteReach A Hand To Those Who Need Us
2022-2023Delia Hanna
2021-2022Thomas BurnsOpen The Way To Those Who Are Ready
2020-2021Connor ZawadzkiAnother Time of Testing is Before You
2019-2020Connor ZawadzkiBy Inspiration, Lead Them
2018-2019Jack NeeSeek to Serve
2017-2018Miles PlunkettFootsteps to Our Future
2017Jason KieslingLighting the Trail Ahead
2016-2017Cole OgonowskiLighting the Trail Ahead
2016Justin St. LouisForward as One

National Recognition

YearRecognitionAward Information
2015Order of the Arrow Innovation AwardOrder of the Arrow Article Publication

National Officers

2018Northeast Region ChiefJustin St. Louis

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