Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation, Northwood, NH

The Officers of Pennacook Lodge began to discuss updating the Lodge By-Laws at the November LEC with the introduction of a new officer-level position, the Lodge Chief Excitement Officer or CEO. Other by-laws updates, mostly housekeeping and edits to clarify language and memorialize long-standing practice was also discussed and reviewed. At the LEC meeting on March 10, 1024 the LEC approved bringing forward to a Lodge Meeting on April 7, 2024 these revisions and amendments. 

Please review this attached PDF entitled By-Laws Proposed Amendments before the April 7th meeting. You may find the current By-Laws on this website by clicking here.

The attached document contains edits, updates and amendments  that are highlighted in two colors for ease in reading and drawing context. Highlighted in purple text are minor housekeeping and grammar edits, pronoun usage, National OA updates and officer recommendations for clarity purposes in memorializing existing practice. 

The text highlighted in red represents new language and actual policy amendments designed to strengthen direction and emphasize Pennacook culture and mission, such as added duties to the Lodge Vice Chief, Lodge Secretary, Treasurer and the establishment of the CEO officer position (throughout Articles III and IV), and the incorporation of the Pennacook Pass as an active member incentive (Article VI).

All youth members (under 21) are eligible to participate in the discussion and vote on the recommended changes. Adult members are welcome to comment at the discretion of the Lodge Chief.