(L to R) Lodge Officers 2022-23: Joseph Aste, Vice Chief, Lindsey Hovey, Treasurer, Delia Hanna, Lodge Chief, and Jonah Sulzinsky, Secretary.

At our annual meeting on June 22nd the lodge elected a new Lodge Chief and Lodge Officers who took office on July 7, 2022, in the Annual Passing of the Bonnet Ceremony held at New England Base Camp in Milton, MA. In his remarks swearing in the new officers, outgoing Chief Thomas Burns said, “Much is expected of our Lodge Chief.  She is the Chief Executive Officer and standard-bearer of our Lodge, but more than that she is an example of leadership and service, exemplifying the highest ideals of the Order; Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. She is the lodge’s greatest servant and we must be bound together in supporting her success in leading our Lodge.”  In accepting her office, Delia, last year’s Vice Chief, congratulated her fellow lodge officers on their election and thanked outgoing Chief Thomas Burns, Secretary Patrick Burns, and Treasurer David Penney for an outstanding year of service. Don’t Miss Out on a Great Pennacook Fall 2022!