Pennacook Lodge will be inducting new Brothers into the Order at the 2022 Fall Ordeal, September 30th to October 2nd at T.L. Storer Scout Reservation in Barnstead, NH.

Inductions Sachem Adam Yalcin said, “We need your help to ensure that all Induction Team staff roles are filled and that the candidates get to have a quality induction that they will remember forever.”

We are looking for Arrowmembers to serve as Elangomats. Adam continues, “When you think back on your Ordeal experience, you probably remember your interactions with your Elangomat the most. As a friend and guide to clan members, the Elangomat creates a lasting connection with the candidates as they guide them through their Induction. It’s a very important role in quality inductions.” Additionally, serving as an Elangomat gives you the opportunity to go through the Ordeal again, this time from a slightly different perspective. An Elangomat Training will be held on Sunday, September 25 at 3 pm in Woburn at the Council Office.

If serving as an Elangomat is not for you this year, there are many other Induction Team staff roles needed: you can serve as a project manager, or serve on 15 Blazes, Food Service, Admin & Logistics Team, Trading Post, or support staff.

If you are interested please contact Adam via email at [email protected] to volunteer or if you have any questions.