Pennacook Lodge will be holding the first induction weekend of 2022 from May 20-22th at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation in Northwood NH. Due to the COVID pandemic, candidacy for candidates elected during 2020 or 2021 is extended to 24 months from date of election. This induction is open to all candidates elected after May 21, 2020..


A candidate and parent information session will be scheduled during the week of May 15th. Please check back for further details. Attendance at the informational session is not required, but highly recommended. Please make sure you consult the candidate information button below for more information about the Ordeal Induction process.

Registration for the induction includes all meals for Saturday and breakfast on Sunday – No food will be provided on Friday evening.

Check-in for the induction is between 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM on Friday May 20. If you have any questions please email [email protected]


On May 21, 22,23 Pennacook Lodge will be holding an Ordeal Induction Weekend at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. In order for the candidates to have an inspiring and meaningful experience, there must be Arrow-Members present willing to help ensure the success of the weekend. We are seeking members, youth, and adults, who would like to serve as Elangomats, project leaders, kitchen staff and as 15 Blazes Team members. As an Ordeal Inductions staff member, you have the opportunity to inspire candidates and support the important work of the inductions process. 

To register please click the button down below and If you aren’t sure where to help or have any questions or concerns about the May Ordeal Induction please email [email protected]