As was announced recently, my theme for this lodge year is “Seek To Serve”. It is no secret that in its infancy Pennacook Lodge has struggled to find its way. However, this year we are striving to be different.

The largest struggle that Pennacook Lodge has faced was running a smooth, successful, and organized unit elections season. In an effort to change unit elections and improve the inductions process, we have already begun planning the full process for the unit elections season. We are building a complete team and developing strong processes to allow unit elections to be our focal point.

Another key area of struggle has been with communications. However, the lodge has developed a communications plan to streamline communications and ensure that information is open and accessible to all members of the lodge..

I can with confidence say that Pennacook Lodge has hit a turning point. During the past several lodge events a new trend has emerged. New members are becoming involved and the lodge is beginning to grow. We have new faces coming to every event and joining the lodge’s leadership to bring a fresh and new perspective.

Although we are improving, we cannot do it without your help. We are asking you to “Seek To Serve”. Together we must all strive in order to reach excellence. We must all work together. I know that together, we can make  Pennacook Lodge become one of the most revered lodges in the nation.

Pennacook Lodge cannot do this without you. I invite you to come Seek to Serve on December 7-9 at Camp Sayre in Milton, MA for our Lodge Leadership Development Weekend.

As always Pennacook Lodge wants your feedback. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions please message us on Facebook at


Jack N.

Pennacook Lodge – Lodge Chief

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