Greetings Brother,

Founder of the Order of the Arrow, E. Urner Goodman, once said that “Things of the spirit are what count: brotherhood – in a day when there is too much hatred at home and abroad; cheerfulness – in a day when the pessimists have the floor and cynics are popular; service – in a day when millions are interested in getting or grasping, rather than giving.” This is the true purpose of the Order of the Arrow. To help create a better world by doing and teaching the ideals of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service.

As members, we strive to live these ideals in both scouting and in our everyday lives. Sometimes as an organization we get so caught up in the mayhem of our events and meetings that we start to drift away and forget the ideas that brought us together in the first place. These are the parts of the Order that I grew to love as a thirteen year old, and I still love to this day.

Sometimes these ideals are achieved through our events or meetings, where as an ordeal member I remember having some of my fondest memories attending different LLD’s, Fellowships and other events like that. Yet it’s the lines of the ceremonies that truly exemplify and demonstrate just how important Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service are. As a new member going through my ordeal I was so caught up in the moment that I failed to completely comprehend the meaning behind the ceremony. It was several months later, when I was staffing the next Ordeal that I really got the opportunity to listen to the words as the ceremonialists spoke, and they gave me shivers.

My main goal as Chief is to help give others the same opportunities that I had when I first entered the Order of the Arrow. The chance to attend events, work an Ordeal, or get goosebumps while watching a ceremony. Opportunities are just that; opportunities. It’s up to you whether or not you take them. Help lead others through Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. Attend events, if you like them then help plan them.

If you don’t like them, help us change them to make them better in the future. There is a place for everyone in the OA no matter where we live, what camp we go to, or what troop we’re from. We are all responsible for shaping the future of Pennacook Lodge, so come help us make it a bright one. I hope to see you all sometime soon.

Miles P.
Getteminakuwagan Ngachkenumen
Gladness of a Dawning
Pennacook Lodge Chief