Over the past year, Arrowmen (like yourself) from all across Eastern Massachusetts have been working towards an idea. The idea that we can create something new, something excellent; a lodge that is innovative and forward-thinking in every aspect of its program.  


I’m happy to report that we’ve done just that with the creation of Pennacook Lodge.  Since the joint lodge business meeting this past September; the leadership team has been assembled and every Arrowman has been hard at work brainstorming, planning, and preparing their individual aspects of the program for the lodge’s official launch on January 1, 2016.


The structure has been designed to engage every youth; breaking up the lodge into seven blocks which break up every part of the lodge program (similar to departments in a retail store). Each block is led by a sachem, and every block is broken up into committees that focus on various aspects of the block program. Every committee is comprised of committee members and is led by a committee chairman. Whatever your interest or skill level, we want you to get involved in something. Whether you’re into designing graphics, building fires, writing articles, or crunching numbers – you name it, there’s a job for it. So, you might be thinking to yourself “How do I get involved?”. It’s simple! This website has been designed as a mechanism for you to find which block or committee suits you best, all you have to do is fill out a quick form to get in touch with the respective sachem and they will find a place for you. They are committed to engaging and recruiting as many Arrowmen as they can.

2016 Leadership Team

The Order of the Arrow is truly an organization of opportunity, one that has transformed my life to mold me into the person I am today. My goal is to foster the lodge program so you can share the same experiences. We are building the foundation for the greatest lodge in the nation, and you have a piece of the puzzle – what it will be, is up to you.


There’s no better way to get involved in the lodge than by attending an event. Pennacook Lodge’s Inaugural Banquet and Theme Show will be taking place on Saturday, January 2, 2016 @ 5:00 PM. It will be an evening of fun, fellowship, and entertainment – be sure to sign up today.


It’s an exciting time to be an Arrowman in the Spirit of Adventure Council, so grab your hammer and let’s build this lodge together as we advance onward and upward, Forward as One.


With eyes to the sky,

Justin S.

Lodge Chief