A Pennacook Interview with a Chairman: NOAC 2018

Take a look at this exclusive question and answer interview with Pennacook Lodge’s Ordeal Management Chairman Aidan Hanna and a contingent member of the 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)!

Q: After attending your first NOAC in 2018, how did it live up to your expectations?

A: NOAC lived up to its expectations and more. I love the learning experiences it gave me, I will always use them in scouting and in my life.

Q: How would you rate the NOAC trip among other scouting experiences?

A: From going to West Point to going to Mass Jam, NOAC has its own special style that anyone can enjoy. NOAC 2018 was one of the best scouting trips I have ever been on.

Q: How much fun was NOAC?

A: NOAC was a ton of fun. There were so many different things to do every day. Nothing was really forced on you, and you could participate in whichever activities you wanted.

Q: What did you learn and take away from attending NOAC? How does it help you in the lodge today?

A: I went to many leadership trainings that helped me focus, improve my skills, and become a better leader. The best part is you can choose which trainings you want to attend.

Q: What reason would you give other Arrowmen to attend NOAC 2020 this summer?

A: If anybody has not gone to NOAC, I would strongly recommend attending this trip. From the side trips to events at NOAC, you will have a blast. NOAC 2020 will be the experience of a lifetime.

I hope this short interview has given you an insight into what the National Order of the Arrow Conference is like! If you’d like to be part of the NOAC experience, NOAC 2020 is coming up soon! From August 1 – 10, Pennacook Lodge will be attending the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State University. Time is running out to sign up! If you’re interested please email NOAC@OAPennacook.org!