2016 Inaugural Spirit of Adventure Day of Service


The Idea

The Spirit of Adventure Council merged with the idea that, together, we can truly make Scouting thrive in our local communities. As Pennacook Lodge is an integral part of our new and thriving council; we plan to support that mantra by serving our local communities. The Order of the Arrow was founded on the ideals of cheerful service to others. This is why Pennacook Lodge is proud to announce the 2016 Inaugural Spirit of Adventure Day of Service!


Your Piece of the Puzzle

On Saturday, May 14th, scouts all across the Spirit of Adventure Council will participate in service projects, in their communities, those of which they will organize. It is completely up to you as to what your unit does. Participation is is highly encouraged. Talk to your unit leader, your SPL, or your patrol leader, and start planning your a unit service project that will benefit your local community.



During the Day of Service, hours and hours of service will be completed, and you can use your hours for things such as rank advancement to help you with your trail to Eagle. You can also use these hours for other groups like school or a religious group. Not to mention that it is a great way to gain leadership experience, especially if you are thinking about becoming a leader in your unit. One of the best perks of all – at the end of the day – everyone who participated in the Day of Service is invited to a barbeque to eat great food and you will be awarded with a commemorative patch.


Questions, comments, concerns, or feedback? Send us a note at service@oapennacook.org


Yours in Service,

Cameron V.

Pennacook Lodge

Service Sachem