The Arrow of Light Weekend is an adventure-packed event for Arrow of Light Cub Scouts to visit fun stations all around Camp Wah-Tut-Ca, to work on skills like teamwork and communication, and to, of course, complete some requirements. Most importantly however, it is an event that gives Arrow of Light Scouts a small taste of the Northern Nexus Summer Camp experience!

Service is one of the three core pillars of the Order of the Arrow. The Arrow of Light Weekend is one of the greatest ways our lodge is able to serve our council and its members. This same experience was provided to us when we were Cub Scouts, and it’s our job to provide it to the current youth of scouting. Although the Arrow of Light Scouts may not realize it, this will likely be their first interaction with the Order of the Arrow, and their first taste of what summer camp will be like in the years to come.

Our goal is to give our Cub Scout guests a chance to not only enjoy themselves, but to experience different activity areas they might see at one of our Northern Nexus camps. Den’s will also have the opportunity to cook their own Saturday breakfast and lunch, although we will serve them meals for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.

To register for Arrow of Light Weekend please click the button down below and if you have any questions please email them to