Join us on April 23rd – 25th as Pennacook Lodge will be holding our annual Inductions Training weekend. The topics that will be covered will prepare every Arrowmen on the importance of our induction process, understanding the roles of Ceremonialists, training to be a future ceremonalists, how to be an effective Elangomat, learn the importance of 15 blazes, and more! In addition to this, we will be holding the first Brotherhood Induction opportunity of 2021 on April 25th at sunrise.

The Topics Include:

  1. Live breakdown and commentary of Pre-Ordeal ceremony
  2. Understanding the Induction Principles
  3. An in-Depth look at the “Spirit of the Arrow” Booklets
  4. Specific training track choices: 
    • Elangomats, Ceremonialists,15 Blazes, and Unit Elections
  5. Ordeal Simulator
  6. Discussion of the Northeast Native American Culture and History

If you are interested in attending the Induction Training Weekend and the Brotherhood Induction please register by clicking the button down below and if you have any questions please email