Lodge Adviser Transition

Raymond E. Morrison

Scout Executive Chuck Eaton expresses his appreciation for the fine and detailed work performed by Ray Morrison as Lodge Adviser during the merger transition. When councils merge one of the most challenging aspects is combining Lodges.  As Chuck describes, “Ray’s efforts resulted in the creation of Pennacook Lodge which will be greater that the sum of its parts. We will be forever grateful for his efforts and dedication to the purpose of the Order”.

Ray’s service as an adult is long and distinguished. He has served as an Associate Lodge Adviser and Lodge Adviser for twenty years. As a youth he was the Induction Chairman and later served as a Lodge Vice Chief.  In 2015 he was named an Order of the Arrow Centurion for his role in the development of local Order of the Arrow programs.

The most challenging role was transitioning as Lodge Adviser from Nanepashemet to Pennacook. For a time he served as Adviser not only to Lodge 158 he simultaneously served as Adviser to Moswetuset Lodge.

The methods used to create Pennacook Lodge were so significant that the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow recognized this achievement with an Innovation Award. Ray was the heartbeat of that effort. Ray will continue to be a valued leader and adviser to our lodge and will continue to help, lighting the trail ahead.

Bennett A. Sawyer

Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive & CEO and Supreme Chief Of The Fire is pleased to announce that Bennett A. Sawyer has been selected as the Order of The Arrow Lodge Adviser to Pennacook Lodge. Ben is an Eagle Scout from Somerville MA.

He grew up in Lowell MA as a member of Troop 7. Ben was inducted, as a youth member, into Wannalancit Lodge 451 in June of 1988. As a youth he served the Lodge as a Committee Chairman, Member of the Dance Team, and Lodge Secretary. He also served a number a seasons on the staff of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation.

As a Lodge Officer Ben was one of the youth members who created the Indiana Plan for Lodge Organization. This was the root program that eventually evolved into the Pennacook Plan that is now being used to give more opportunities for Arrowmen to take on leadership positions

This past summer Ben attended the OA Next conference in Indiana. This conference focused on membership, program, and innovation at the local Lodge level. Ben is dedicated to and focused upon youth empowerment. It is his desire to make the Order of The Arrow experience as meaningful as possible for every youth member, regardless of past geographical boundaries.   As Ben describes, “I want every member of Pennacook Lodge to have the same or better experiences that I had as a youth”.

If you have any questions for Ben, he can be reached using the form here.