Get Involved! | 2017 Talent Search

White Wolf Fever, have you caught it?

Disclaimer: no wolves were harmed in the writing of this article.

White Wolf Fever is spreading far and wide to all members of Pennacook Lodge, have you caught it yet? This fever causes Arrowmen to want to become more involved in Pennacook Lodge, and with the countless opportunities that Pennacook has available, we wanted to let you know that you can catch it too!

The Order of the Arrow is an organization of opportunity, and in the Spirit of Adventure Council, we’re home to the greatest lodge in the nation (fact, not opinion). So, you might be asking yourself: “Hey, self, how do I get involved?” Excellent question!

The Pennacook Plan is the organizational structure of the lodge. It has been designed to engage every youth; breaking up the lodge into five blocks which lead different parts of the lodge program (similar to departments in a retail store). Each block is headed by a sachem, and every block is broken up into committees which focus on various aspects of the block program. Every committee is comprised of committee members and is led by a committee chairman. Whatever your interest or skill level, we want you to get involved in something. Whether you’re into designing graphics, building fires, writing articles, or crunching numbers – you name it, there’s a job for it.

Signing up is simple! The lodge leadership has designed a mechanism for you to find which block or committee suits you best, all you have to do is fill out a quick form (found below). Every lodge leader is committed to engaging and recruiting as many Arrowmen as they can, especially YOU!

2017 Talent Search