2017 Unit Elections Season

Unit Elections are a major part of keeping Pennacook Lodge alive and growing us for the future.  It is our opportunity to bring in new members; the future leaders of the lodge. This year, Pennacook Lodge’s Unit Election season has started and will continue until April 1st. Until then, Arrowmen from all over the Spirit of Adventure Council will visit Boy Scout troops and conduct Unit Elections on behalf of the lodge. Unit elections are composed of multiple parts including; scheduling a date, visiting the troop/team, conducting the election, and submitting the results.

As a Unit Leader or OA Unit Representative, you can schedule a unit election by visiting OAPennacook.org/ElectionRequest and filling out the Unit Election Request Form. After you submit the form, the unit election team will process your request and then contact you to confirm an election date and time.

Unit elections is a huge operation; and you can help to make it happen! The unit elections are the first impression units get of the Order of the Arrow, and are one of the most important parts of inductions.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding unit elections, please contact the Unit Elections team at UnitElections@OAPennacook.org.